New in writing, need help



well, im in episode for a long time and I tried making stories a few times but I find it a bit hard, with the writing itself and the creating and editing stuff too… anyone has an idea of what I can do?
i do have ideas but im not so good at getting to details and stuff… it all comes out really short.
will appreciate ideas and help


Make like a plot twist that’s interesting and use big aggressive words


If you need any help you can always message me and I’ll do my best to explain! :slight_smile:


Make sure to write out your story or talk in over in your head…well…maybe the first one and be sure to layer your story out before approaching your episodes. I never write it down, but I do have a general clear head of what I want to accomplish.


if you want i can help with coding, and just looking over it, also i can make covers and splashes.
PM me and ill explain how that could work if youre interested.