New items that should be made for LL?

i’n not sure if there’s a topic already made for this, i was too lazy to find one :cowboy_hat_face: bold of you to assume i would do that.

anyways, what new props/clothing do you guys want to see for LL soon? i’m sort of hoping for victorian dresses (big poofy dresses, all that jazz, hamilton, everything.) and for props, a knife would be cool lol.

I’d definitely love to see some medieval era clothing introduced. Like gable hoods, basic tunics, maiden dresses, etc.

I haven’t seen many historical stories and I’m hoping to see a change in that if Episode would release more old-time clothing.


We totally need some masks for like mascarade balls and stuff. New dresses too!


Ballgowns. and waepons like sword and arrows


if you want to support threads asking for new clothes just search “CLOTHING:” and like and comment “support”. here’s more about that:

Closing this since it’s in the wrong category and we already have multiple threads requesting Limelight assets in Feature + Art Suggestions. Please conduct a search of the forums before creating topics, in order to avoid duplicates.

Thanks :slight_smile: