New Joseph Evans Story - Glitch Girl Coming!


Joseph Evan’s New Story Glitch Girl is coming MAY 25th!
Let’s discuss
Thoughts? I’m excited. Joseph Evans stories are strokes of genius.


Ik, my favourite story of him is “The last goodbye” I don’t know what it’s about, but Joseph Evans makes every story THE BEST! Does it say anything of what it’s about???


I’m not too sure what it’s about.
I know it’s about a story of a girl named Grace Griffin. I don’t know much else. He released a trailer a month or so ago on instagram but he hasn’t given us a real bio yet.
I do know that a mysterious masked person in the trailer who kills the Mayor on TV & puts the citizens of New York into distress. It looks good nonetheless even tho he’s kept it very well under wraps


Wow, sounds interesting, I know it’s gonna be well written, I’m excited!:relaxed:


Do you know what style it’s gonna be in?


Fairly certain the story is in limelight!


Yes! I also know there’s a love story between Grace and a guy named Seth in it.
So they’ll deffo be the next amazing couple he writes


I guess Joseph Evans likes Alliteration Im struggling to think of a story where the MC doesn’t have an alliterative name “Rain Riverton” “Sky Summerstone” “Phoenix Faraday” etc


First 3 passes he’s confirmed released May 25th!
& we’ll get an update of 3 eps every weekend up to 12 from there & then a little break.
This story will be so good!


OMG! It’s coming “May 25th” finally!


It is in limelight


Yes I’m excited too. We haven’t gotten any new content from him since late last year during “The Last Goodbye”
What elements are you most excited for? :slight_smile:


In limelight


Mines too!


Her being a superhero


No one does fantasy better then Joseph Evans :slight_smile:


I know right


So excited for it!!!


It’s going to be extremely good imo.


Same here!