New Joseph Evans Story - Glitch Girl Coming!

I’m super excited to see the villain

I wonder how you guys make a story cover that looks so real and amazing!! I’ve only made one but it doesn’t look all that great. :frowning:

I am excited the release date is finally here. Also reminds me to enter the gem contest. I keep on forgetting.

I didn’t make this haha.
Joseph Evans did.
I’m sure people can help you with that :slight_smile:

Yeah the gem contest has been promoted several times by him.

Thanks and I wish I could put gems in my story. I would put 5 or 10 for each premium choice I’d put in my story.

You CAN put gems

I’m excited. It looks so cool.

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May 25th can’t come fast enough


I know right, I can barely make my covers

I can’t wait, I love all of Joseph Evan’s stories they’re sooo good and don’t have these weird clichés. Def favorites are Phoenix Prophecy and The Last Goodbye

OMFG I thought this was about a glitch but yey!
Another story <3 I love his stories C:

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Who doesn’t? He’s amazing!!!

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