New Language (GAME)

This is how the game works:

Someone will write something in a language other than English, the next person (without using google translate) must guess what they said. Then write their own sentence in another language other than English.


Person A: La vie est belle
Person B: Life is beautiful. Me llamo Person B
Person C: I am Person B. minä pidän kissoista
Person B: Actually I said My Name is Person B. Haha!

It can be any language other than English. Even made up ones from TV, a game, or even your own brain! I’ll go first:

i aroha kurī

I speak kuri

Haha! It actually says I love dogs! In Maori

Itadakimasu: What you say before eating (Japanese) I think it means something like “Let us eat!” Or something, idk my japanese teacher never clarified :joy:

Rien nést parfait

I’m guessing that’s French?
Maybe it says something about parfumes ? :sweat_smile:

Jag är dålig på språk

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Yes! it is french, It says: Nothing is Perfect

I’m guessing that’s Swedish? or something…

Im guessing it says aomething to do with planes? or speaking? or sparks? (all comletely different but eh!)

Omg my guessing went to far away from what you actually said!
And yeah it was Swedish and it says I’m bad at languages

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Hahahaha :joy: Well now you know and you can impress people with your knowledge :joy:

ar kas nors žino šią kalbą

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Does anyone know this language?

Lithuanian. I did about a year of personal study on Lithuania and this was one of the few sentences I learned.

amo il cibo

I have a cat Sorry for the terrible guessing :joy:

E prapancha ondu sundara sthala.

No idea :laughing: :joy:
I know that ondu means one and sundara means beautiful ahah. I speak Kannada, I assume that’s telugu lol

We live in a beautiful world?

Nanna hesaru alla Pablo

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idk, I think Pablo is a name and the most logical thing Nanna would be would be name or Nana… so…I’m guessing it is: My name is Pablo

ПодПишитесь на Pewdiepie

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hmmm :thinking: since there’s pewdiepie in the sentence
i’d have to go with Subscribe to pewdiepie

also please if anyone is reading this go sub to him the gap is so close soldiers :cry:

Tu eres no fea, Tu eres hermosa y divertido

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I took spanish lessons so I am pretty certain it is: You’re not ugly, you are beautiful and fun!

Vi kan göra soldaterna

(Confession I used google translate for this one)

We can make soldiers? :joy:
I’m sorry, I don’t know how to speak Swedish.

Learned this in Spanish.

Yo soy Simila100, y me gusta escuchar musica, pero, no me gusta musica aburrido. Y Tu? Que te gusta escuchar? (I know!! It’s too long :joy:)

It means this world is a beautiful place and yes it’s kannada not telugu :joy:
@xXMagicUnicornXx what was the meaning and which language is that (amo li cibo?)

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If you live for 100 years, will you listen to music? I still listen to music! Why tho? Will that be possible? please tell me the meaning lol and I’m sorry for this weird translation

Eega samaya ombattu gante

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Oh hahaha that’s Italian and it means I Love Food.
(My great pop is Italian, he’s awesome)

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Omg you made me laugh out loud :joy:

The actual meaning is:

I’m Simila100, and I like to listen to music, but, I do not like boring music. And you? What do you like to listen to?

I loved your translation, though!!

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Lol I’m glad. Which language it is? :joy: