New Life Experiences

New Life Experiences is the title of my first story on here. Mostly because I couldn’t think of a better name. Anyway, I am really struggling to write it and need someone to help. I have gotten the hang of some of it, but not all. And maybe it could be better with someone writing it with me.

Hey, I can review your script and give you constructive critizism! I am very experienced. Although, I won’t write with you, I can give you tips and help you! PM me for more info.

What’s it about? I might be able to help you a little bit, but I’m also working on a bunch of other stories too.

It is about a girl named Arielle who’s parents divorced. Her mom got remarried. And instead of her pushing her way through the changes, she is acting out.

That sounds very interesting! I’m willing to help a bit, if you’d let me.

I would love that!

How does this work? I am new to this entirely.

Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: