New LL Story: Rise of Uthutia (Promote your story or R4R)

I wrote a story in 2016 called True Blood Princess in INK, it had 75K+ reads when I stopped writing because I had my daughter in 2017. She is 2 now and I’ve hopped back on the writing train. I’ve decided to revamp TBP on LL with a different style of writing, mini-games, tappable overlays, etc. Giving a better experience than TBP had. I have the first 3 episodes out of the revamped version called Rise of Uthutia. I’m looking to get the story out there, get feedback, do R4Rs, whatever it takes. I have unlimited passes so just let me know.

Read my 3 episodes and send a screen shot and then I’ll read yours. I’ve read every story anyone has given me for R4Rs so know that I am reliable

Rise of Uthutia
Episodes: 3 (on going)
Style: Limelight
Genre: Fantasy / Action / some Romance
Description: Your are the first woman born into the Cedalon family in hundreds of years, because of the Raebezia contract and regulations you must take a Prince in order to ascend to the throne. But upon your Coronation day, your world is turned upside down as your kingdom is overthrown. You must make determinative decisions in order to gain or lose allies as you fight to take back Uthutia. Do you have what it takes?
CC / CC of Love Interest / Choices Matter / Mini-Games / Art Scenes

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