New Members Welcome


I know I post a bunch and everyone may be getting sick of me but whatever. I just want to welcome all new members who join this family like community! If your new comment your name and lets all get to know each other. :grinning:

You can call me Teah lol


I’m Clarkiii




Hi Welcome to this big online family :grinning:


Thank You! :grinning:


You are going to love it here! When I first joined I thought it was no big deal but then I am on like 24/7 :joy:


Lol I joined yesterday and now this is all I’m doing :grinning:




you’re gonna have so much fun, this is what I say to new ppl:

I hope you’re ready for an addiction


To late :joy:.


No, seriously though, I’ve made a ton of great friends, and something more. It’s a lot of fun and it’s like one big family, everyone knows everyone. You can go to General Chat to check out what people’s daily lives are like, you can check out the overall community section for just a place to talk, forum games (one of my favorite sections) is a ton of fun, roleplays I think you should definitely do because it’s really fun. Ummmm ever need art, you can check out art resources. (preferably ask me if you want any art done :joy:) anddddddddddddddddddddddd just basically have fun, and don’t get involved with any drama you see because it actually is a big problem here even though forums is fun, just try to stay out of any drama.

All my tipsssssss


Omg. Thank You SM!


I miss dad…:sweat:


I miss my husband :sob:


We will all be missing him, he was such a good man, :sob:


Yes he was :cry:


what’s his name again…lol


Omg I never asked :joy::sob:


That’s what I call…

TRUE love :sob:


Let’s call him Mark…

RIP Mark Walker… you will be missed…:sob: