New music in the featured stories

Hello I was wondering why there are no new music in creators portal but there is new music in the featured stories?


Can you tell me what stories you found the new music¿ also I’m pretty sure featured stories get special items like specially dyed hair colours, eye shadow, etc , and community stories don’t. So that may be the case with the music.

All the music in featured stories are available in the Writer’s Portal, I believe. For the rest of the assets (backgrounds, outfits, overlays, customization options) exclusive versions exist, only in the featured stories.

I tried to listen to every sound but I couldn’t find anything like that :smiley: perhaps you know some names I could check?

is it a music or a sound effect you are looking for? also what type of mood is it, that can help to find what you are looking for

in the featured stories I noticed more guitar short music but not sure if it’s short or looping but it’s certainly new it came along with eyeshadow options too

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I haven’t read the new featured yet but maybe you can try “electric_guitar_bounce_loop” ?


I noticed in the featured stories that there is a song in there and somebody is singing it. I never heard it in the community stories.

Humming, or singing?

I heard these new ones too! Most of them are other versions of music that already exists in the portal, but it’s a bit different. There are many others that aren’t available in the portal yet, but I’m sure they’ll add them soon since they recently made a thread with polls asking authors which type of music we prefer

The latter

no that’s not it :confused: it’s more like sad but not entirely sad it’s just hard to describe but you can hear this in featured stories and I was like listening to every sound in creator portal and nothing like this was there

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queen of the underworld, magic love academy, moonstruck bachelor undercover :smiley: these stories have the music that is not in the portal

yeah that is why I was wondering if it is just me or I can’t find it :smiley: and I wonder if this music will ever be added to the creators portal?