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So I’m new to writing on the app and I want to close my scene by fading the screen black out but don’t know how? Can someone explain it to me? :smile:


To do this write this:

@transition fade out

and if you want a particular number of seconds then:

@transition fade out 3 (or any number of seconds)

and if you want a particular color then,

@transition fade out black

to make the scene fade in then do this:

@transition fade in


@transition fade out [color] in [seconds]


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You need to use transitions.

Check out “Transitions Overview”" in the guides (advanced directing), it pretty much covers it completely.

This is the guides> advanced directing> page 30- transitions overview. Link to the guides :arrow_up:

But basically, for this case:

@transition fade out black in s

s= number of seconds.

There are a lot of transitions, the guide explains everything.


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