New Old Western Story


I’m just promoting my new Western story that I just released. I am open to an R4R but please contact me via IG ( lizziebstories )as I forget to check back on the forums!

Title: The Outlaws
Author: LizzieBstories
Genre: Adventure / Historical Fiction
Format: Limelight

About: You join up with a notorious band of outlaws to help them pull off the ultimate jewel heist. What they don’t know is you’re a bounty hunter and you’re about to collect on them all. That is, until you find yourself becoming attached to these outlaws as you travel across the wild west together. When the time comes, will you turn them in or become an outlaw yourself?

  • Customizations
  • Gem Free / support author


Hey I would love to do r4r
But I dont have insta so can I message you here??

Yes :black_heart:

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