New outfits on the Episode App?

So, sometimes when I’m bored I like to go through the “Recommended Stories” on other people’s profiles. Lately, when I’ve been seeing some avatars with new dresses and outfits. I checked my avatar closet just to be sure I hadn’t missed it but it wasn’t there for me. I’m probably just behind on the news but is this a VIP feature or something?

I cropped out the names on the profiles for privacy and stuff.

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weird, i don’t have it either

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That’s so weird :thinking: I’ve ever seen it. Gotta admit though, the fits are pretty.

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I heard that some people can unlock these type of outfits to the avatar profile with an episode official story called Love on Fire. Apparently, a text will show up saying you can add it to your closet (costs gems). However, they say only some people have this, so I’m not really sure.


Oh! Yeah I actually recognize this outfit from the first episode image

Oh, I see! Is it a beta-testing thing? :face_with_monocle: :thinking: :astonished:

Maybe, I’m not sure :thinking:

Ooh! :eyes: Then it’s probably that then.

I feel like I read somewhere that if you buy an outfit in a featured story, it will go into your in-app wardrobe. I have not confirmed this though.

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Yeah, I heard that too, it was related to the episode story ‘Love on Fire’ :eyes:

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I think i know the reason… I might be wrong but i think these r for iphone users…when u unlock an outfit from episode original stories, those unlocked outfits will automatically get added to ur closet… So its a feature and is not new… Its been there from some time…

i’m an iphone user but i don’t have this option. trust me i’ve tried, i’ve spent gems but didn’t unlock anything

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Only certain users have been presented with the option to purchase premium outfits that will get added to their in-app avatar’s wardrobe (I don’t know what constitute who gets to see it though, could be random). It appears in a green box below the choice to let you know. If there’s no green box there, don’t waste your gems because it wouldn’t be offering to put that outfit on your avatar on your profile. I don’t know about other Original stories, but I’ve only seen it in Love on Fire.

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yeah it’s actually true i’ve asked my friend with the same problem coz she had that premium outfits on her avatar, she told me it was from the featured story called ‘love on fire’ and i believe it’s for iphone users only, but "not all iphone users’ it was just for certain users for that u need to spend gems & they’ll immediately add it into your avatar’s wardrobe, buuut - for now it’s not available for everyone only for ‘certain users’ :slightly_smiling_face: and @schittwriter is totally right don’t waste your gems if you don’t see green box or something like that totally looked like something like this down below

premium outfit

creds for this photo goes to @/episode.honelyn