New people group!


Hi everyone! It’s Kacy! I have noticed that there are a lot of new people, who need help with anything to do with Episode! To help solve this, I am going to put together a New people group, for 5 new people and 1 experienced person!

What do I do if I want to be an experienced Episodian?

All you have to do is to sign up, be able to work with people who don’t know very much about the Episode community and know alot about Episode!

How do I sign up?

Just write your username down below, followed by a short description about yourself! If you are a new person, also included some things that you struggle with, however if you are experienced, write one thing what you have enjoyed the most about your experience so far!

Good luck!


What I have most enjoyed in my Episodian experience is helping new writers and making cover art for them!!


Thank you!


Chloe LeAnn Wilfawn
I love to read episode and write them too


I love reading Episode stories, and I would love to learn to make my own. I know how to write simple scripts, from watching Episode tutorials on YouTube, but I don’t know how to use things such as overlays, props, scrolling a backdrop, or anything else like that. I’m hoping to write enough episodes of a story to post it.


I am in!


Hey!! Sorry, this user has been suspended due to age. Please don’t try to contact them.




Hi my name is merline . And am having some trouble knowing how to write a story on episode

Am currently trying to write a story called “ my tomboy girlfriend” and i was wondering if anyone could please help me out.
If i was happened to be a skilled episodian, i would be very happy to write stories since there is so much writers who inspired so much ideas in my head


@Scarmelina Hey!! Sorry, this user has been suspended due to age. Please don’t try to contact them.


hey there. m new here though m reading episode stories from past 2 years now and wanted to write but its alot more difficult than i i thought . m really bad at codings and all infact m a big zero at it.
u can contact me at insta: abhatalwar email me at
facebook: abbha.talwar

username: abbhatalwar


The user has been suspended. @abbhatalwar