NEW Percy Jackson RP Sign-Up Thread


Percy Jackson RP
20 years after Gaia’s Blood was split, you have arrived at the newly formed, Camp Half-Blood! You were collected by a satyr and now lead to Camp Half-Blood! But people have been disappearing like , Percy Jackson! Percy was kidnapped, along with Annabeth, Grover, Jason, Piper, Hazel, Frank and Leo! The Famous Seven have been kidnapped! Only monsters that are really powerful would be able to do that! Can you and your group rescue them???
P.S. Hazel, Frank and Jason are from the Roman Camp but they were on holiday here so yeah…

Okay so, there was a old Percy Jackson thread but it died out. Now, me and @Zabica and me (@MysteriousAcro) is in charge. More of a @Zabica than me but yeah. No maximum characters so yeah!

-No Swearing
-No Killing Other People
-Can have relationships and sex…just no details…please
-I will be aka Gods, Goddess, Percy…
-No Zeus, Poseidon or Hades characters sorry, they are just to over powerful. And no Hera, Artemis…because they are maiden.
-And limited to 3 skills each only

Who are these people?
LINKKKKKKK! Click on Annabeth to find more information.

Information HERE!!
Gods and Goddess
Face Claims!!
Camp Half-Blood Layout

(If you have any more Gods or Goddesses, PM me so I might add them.)




Wait! I will sign up again. Sorry please do the second


Reserve please


(If you have any more Gods or Goddesses, PM me so I might add them.)
i din’t get this but i am in




I just signed up.


Oh, so you must sign-up and which GOD or GODDESS if your MOTHER or FATHER but you are not being the god. Hope that made sense. :slight_smile:


Wait, can you swear if you blur it or use * in place of letters?


Hmm…that might be accepted.




I’m sorry, but do we have to be one of the existent gods and goddesses? Or can we make our own character?


yep thnxs


I’m just going to keep all my old characters from my old forms … I’ll just copy and paste from the FCs you put in the old RP


Okay. Thanks, I haven’t checked the sign-ups!


If you do0n’t know it’s a demeter’s son , nyx’s daughter and Hades’ son … The mulat one


Okay. Did u do fc’s and sign-ups?


What you mean here?


Yes this thread.


I’ll try to copy and paste everything