NEW Percy Jackson RP Sign-Up Thread


If you want you’re free to make a character :slight_smile:


I might


If you hurry up I might put them in straight away as you send them


@LeviTheLunatic, ur in charge now, I’m gone


@MysteriousAcro I think we should just begin nobody else will sing up and I think we’ve been holding up for too long. Do I have your permission to start?


Noo! Let me signup by today!!! Please! @LeviTheLunatic


All right, sign up. I’ll allow it … If you already signed up I’ll add it now


I already signup tell me if you want me to change anything @LeviTheLunatic


I will … hopefully, like some people , you didn’t put the characters name under the FORUM NAME lol … I can’t find the persons’ creator


I put his name where it ask Character name?


I know you did but one person got confused and wrote the character’s name on both the Character’s name and on Forum name … I asked about here here if you would read the posts i wrote here before you would see that


Oh. My bad


Not to worry. My word are not quite understandable. Missunderstandings like these happen oftenly


Oh it okay. That was my fault for reading it so fast. XD


Okay I’m done … are you pleased with my doings? @Tellyg47




OK, sure!


(Also Leo Is mine fools)


Does anyone know how to do the face links?


Yes all you have to do is find a person that looks like the person you want them to look. Than you copy the image and paste it on the fc lines. If this doesn’t work go to How to rp/sg