New pfp contest <3



Hey so if you have seen my pfp you know its just of my LL character. So… LET’S HAVE A PFP CONTEST!!! lol So I’m in desperate need of a new pfp, and I’d like to see what my fellow forumers have got. SO comment down below if you want to enter and if you need my Ink or LL character or even my opinion on a background.


  1. No tagging anyone (please just pm them and mention or send the link to this thread)
  2. No rude comments
  3. No bragging
  4. Be fair
  5. Please don’t be a bad sport if you don’t win
  6. Have Fun
  7. Be creative

Just a little note: I am extremely picky so just take that into consideration


I think I might enter! Could you send me your ink character! And tell me what kinda background you want!

And tell me if ya want any of these
Eye Shadow

And tell me if there is any theme you have in mind;)


I want to enter! More details about yourself?


Z I wanna enter!!!


I dont really have a theme in mind I just want something that pops out and you can do whatever you want <3

Name: Lyla
Skin Tone: Light
Eyebrows: Defined Natural

Hair: Beach Waves|Colour: Fawn

Eyes: Upturned Bold|Colour: Brown

Face: Diamond

Nose: Soft Natural

Lips: Classic|Colour: Cherry Red




Ok I will see what I can do:)


My friends say Im an extrovert (which is true when i at school or at stores and what not), and that I’m friendly, pretty,and that I have a bubbly personality.

I’m Crazily obsessed with Shawn Mendes, I love the colour Purple, and yh


Go ahead cant wait to see what you can do <3


Sounds interesting ! I might join if I have the time. Can I know when do you need it by ?


By at least next week


Awesome! Entering :slight_smile:


Here’s my entry lol. One shirt is purple since you said it’s your favorite color :purple_heart:


I won’t be offended if you don’t use these. I made them for fun :partying_face:


Oh mine isn’t as good lol



that’s super good, wth are you talking about :hushed:


Lol yours is better tho


whatever u say sis :woman_shrugging:




I am going to enter :heart:
When is it due?


ok at least next week


A lol I had the name lyla for a character thing can you change it to Zoe plz