New phone, issues with Episode


Hi! I recently bought a new phone. The previous one was Huawai P8 lite while the new one is Huawai P20 lite. With the previous phone I never had any kind of issues with the Episode app. This phone, instead, won’t let me read the stories in the app. When I open Episode there’s a writing down below that asks me if I want to activate full screen mode but when I click on it nothing happens. I would brush it off if when I try to read the stories it actually let me read them,but it doesn’t. The maximum it let me do is open the screen where there’s the plot of the story and the central arrow. When I click on the arrow nothing happens. I don’t know what to do. Could you please help me? I really love this community.


Hm… :thinking: The best solution is to send a support ticket HERE


How do I send it? I’ve never done it before.


Sorry, click again. I put the wrong link :sweat_smile:


Thank you. I just sent it.