New platform on Instagram

I have another question. I created an Instagram account for episode. So I can take screenshots of story and tag authors so they can see it. But i have absolutely 0 followers there and I don’t know. How do you get followers on an Instagram platform for episode.
Uhm, I know that some people get followers by creating stories but I’m just a reader is that fine?
(Geez, my questions are getting dumber by the day istg)

I’m just gonna sign off here

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There are multiple accounts on Instagram that are just readers/screenshot sharers. If you just start sharing screenshots and tagging authors, they generally repost them, and then a lot of times, their followers will start to follow you.
Check out @/laubrary @/alenga_reads for examples

Your questions aren’t dumb. Anytime you post a picture on your page. Use hashtags.


Just random hashtags that have episode in it. - Seriously, I used these when I first started and gained 100 followers. Then I started to promote my story and engage in comments. Following people first.


woah thank you. Feels good not to be alone :pensive::fist:t2:

Heyy, thanks for the hashtags. I’ll be using it in the future. Uhm, thanks again :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::sparkles: !!

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