New Portal Account Settings Beta Test!


oo, this is interesting


I’m so excited about the story archiving part, and even without seeing it, I already have suggestions :sweat_smile:

@JemU776 have you seen this? I thought you might be interested.


Will this account update include being able to unpublish stories? Because I speak for many in the community when I say that it sucks to be reading a story and then the author says they won’t work on it anymore and leave it published and incomplete… It feels like just a waste of passes and leaves dedicated readers confused…

Also because I have a story I lost passion for and feel like I couldn’t write it anymore… but at the same time… I don’t want to get any readers upset asking me about it


Lol, I can now remove a lot of my embarrassing stories :joy:
But how would we know if we’re one of the testers???

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I have a suggestion for the next episode update but I’m not sure if I’m the only one who would find this useful? I find it really difficult to have to go through my stories when an author updates because I have so many stories in my bookshelf. Maybe y’all could make an organizational tool like folders? to sort out and categorize our favorite stories that we book mark? like give us the ability to make folders for ex " Romance" “Thrillers” “To Read” etc.


They’ll probably email you :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh ok :grin:, thanks xx


interesting this came out immediately the topic 6 months ago was bumped




Pure coincidence! We’ve been working on this feature for some time now - we just now had the bandwidth to run the test and start rolling it out :slight_smile:


The archive feature will allow you to do this!


Once whoever that test the Portal Account Beta. Will it be out for everyone who has a portal account? Especially the ones who didn’t fill out the form to do the testing on it.


I don’t have an exact timeline, but generally, yes, assuming we don’t uncover any terrible bugs, the Portal account features will be released to everyone at some point after the beta.

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So if we submit our email address, we get added to the Beta Test?

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Thanks for clarifying that.


Not everyone will be accepted who applies to be beta tester.


@Liz Will we get an email saying we are the beta testers and that the features have been added to our account?

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They might but she only said this post would be updated.


It looks like I’ve already got the new features on my portal.
The “Hide from story list” feature is a blessing because I have SO many stories I started and then gave up on before publishing…

I hope there will be a “delete all” button for notifications, because I have a back log of them starting from September last year. :joy:


Oh man – I’ve got 180 notifications. Methinks that’s one (hundred and more) notifications too many.