New Portal Account Settings Beta Test!


Oh man – I’ve got 180 notifications. Methinks that’s one (hundred and more) notifications too many.


Me too!
First step was to archive that first story which still makes me shudder every time I look at it lol


I had like 430 lol and I’m now trying to click them all to get rid of them. Would be nice if there was a way to mass-delete/mark-off :see_no_evil:


OMG, this is seriously so cool :open_mouth:

BTW Thank you for the tag @Annieways , love you :kissing_cat: :revolving_hearts: :blue_heart:


Oh this feature came in handy.
I just hide about 30 unfinished stories😂.
I also got rid of my old tired classic story.
Notifications says “1717” shesh :sweat_smile:.


Im a beta lol I like it


How you get it?


Go all the way to the very first post in this thread it’s by Liz it will tell you what to do


How long will you take to get the new update?






Despite archiving stories I’m still finding them when I search in the app (on both a different device that isn’t linked to my account and my main account). But it seemed to work yesterday :woman_shrugging:t4:


same here.
I also thought it was going to hide that actual story from the app.
I know others can’t see it but I don’t want to see it ether.
but then again it is just a beta, most beta comes with issues.


I can see it from a device that I’m not logged into when I search when it specifically says that the story shouldn’t come up in search results? I don’t believe they’re saved to my favourites either on that device.

I think you may still need to hide it from your profile though?


I have it hidden on the app and I archived it from the web.
but your right.
When I searched the story that specifically hide. it pops up as well.


pretty accurate Episode.


For me it hides them from portal, but not from app.
I suppose this means that if you choose Hide from story list - this means from portal?

And Archive removes them from app??

I archived them 2. The one which was removed by Episode for violating TOS (for being customizing game), is now completely gone from my Profile in app. The other one, which was normally published, doesn’t even get a closed eye and can still be found through Search bar.

And about notifications. I have them 328. Are they supposed to be visible?


That’s how I understand it.
I’ve hidden some of my unfinished stories (that will stay unfinished likely forever) from the list to clean it up and then archived two stories.
I thought the archived stories weren’t supposed to be visible in the app but I can still find them when I search :woman_shrugging:t4:. I manually gave each one a closed eye.


How about notifications? Can you read them?


So, these notifications act like the email notifications but are in the portal. Nice, though there should be a dismiss all button. 246 to dismiss. :disappointed_relieved: