New Portal Account Settings Beta Test!


Yes I can. They come up as a list down the side then on the right it looks like the email.
It’s like an internal email thing.


I have 270 right now, :sob:

I wish they could let us dismiss it.


I feel the same way; I had to go through 1037 emails, haha! I suggest putting that in your feedback form, so the creators can make or add some changes! :slight_smile:


Wow, haha it’s so freaking cool, i got so many notifications and finally I have none now XD my finger hurts from going through them all and typing this :laughing: Love the feature and love my best friend for life Annieways for alerting me to this coolness :sunglasses: :v:


Wow! It’s great! :grin:!! I’m so happy that I can finally hide my stories, thanks :revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts:


Chiefs called he said . . . This is it


I got the feature and I love it! But please can we get a “dismiss all” button? I have 160 to dismiss!


Same issues as you guys, endless notifications.

You need to fill I the feedback form though. I did and noted the whole dismiss all, read all option and how that would be more helpful! Other than that, LOVE how I can control what notifications/emails I receive!


If you haven’t done so already this would be great feedback to provide in the form linked in the OP.


Done :slight_smile: I thought it was a glitch but I just checked and I can still search for my stories.


Except the fact that I have to take one by one every notification, everything else is really great. It will be great a Select/Disable All notifications.


I like this feature and I think it should be expanded upon.
Could we incorporate this into the profiles possibly?


This feature is amazing! <3


I like it but I don’t like this I already get an email when my overlays or backgrounds are approved I really don’t need this aswell


Yeah, I got a bunch of notifications too. I don’t know how to get rid of them.


You need to click on them individually So right now I need to click on all those 584 message just by hand I wish I had a mark as read button


It would be useful if the stories that have been archived could be removed from the “stories I’ve published” section on the app too.


between this, my email and my text messages… I don’t know which one is worse😂

but one thing for sure. ain’t no way in hell am I clicking on all of these :joy:




I said the same thing

then i clicked

i regret everything in my life