New Portal Account Settings Beta Test!


I have made an effort to sign up to see what this will entail. Submitted!


this is AMAZING! so friggin helpfull!!!


OMG. There is an option now to mark all read X_X :clap::clap::clap:


Omg! Yas!!

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Instantly feels relieved as the number in the red bubble magically disappears.


nvm it works right now!


Just saw this thread and signed up. Don’t know if I’m too late though :grimacing:


The red bubbles no longer appear, and therefore I am not aware of the notifications. :hushed:


They work for me. At least were yesterday

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That’s weird. I realized that they had already approved a background, and an overlay while I was working on my story. But I never saw any red bubbles. :thinking:


Check if they just appeared in the inbox. If not, or you simply didn’t receive notification. I suggest filling the feedback form and mention this :slight_smile:


In fact, they just showed up in the inbox. What seems strange to me is that the bubbles appear when you touch the envelope icon. :thinking:


Not for me. Yesterday I just kept saving chapters and then red bubble appeared.


I have 1488 notification :joy::joy:

And “Mark as all read” option is not working for me:sweat_smile:


Is it not working at all?
Or is it just rendering slow?
‘Cause mine was rendering slow but eventually cleared away.


Yes!!! :grin:

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It’s not working at all.
I have tried that option several times but nothing is happening.

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I’m not part of the beta thing, but like… how do you get thousands/hundreds of notifications? Is it all background and overlay approval? New followers? :thinking:


Use this to submit ways they can improve (feedback) or if you experienced any bugs.

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Thank you! I’ll submit feedback.

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