New problem...Please help quick!

This picture is self explanatory -

Refresh your browser. It happens to me.

this kept happening to me last night. so i tried again today and it still did it. i deleted some code i was working on and it went away. i think there’s something off in your code somewhere. im gonna look again to see if i see anything.

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It might be because angry_frustrated isn’t an animation?
I could be wrong though.

But frustrated is an animation !! :innocent:

what about where it says “changes eyes color” should it be eye color? i havent used that code yet but could that be it?

Nope its eyes bc i changed it to eye and it error ed. The preview errors at line 286

So, line 286 is the one with a mistake? Have you tried to remove angry_frustrated into frustrated?

is it bc you started the scene with an &? i dont think that’s it tho, i feel like ive done that.

i did it keeps stopping at 286

Yeah, I am looking at your script to see.where can be the error.

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Yup still error in preview. I have a discord if anyone can add that bc it times me out after a certain amount of replies

Here is the text if anyone would like to try the foot work
@ZOMBIE COP spot 1.25 114 0 in zone 1 THEN ZOMBIE COP faces right AND ZOMBIE COP starts idle_wounded
&ZOMBIE COP moves to layer 4
@ZOMBIE COP changes into Police
@ZOMBIE COP changes hairColor into Black
@ZOMBIE COP changes mouth into Full Tapered
@ZOMBIE COP changes eyesColor into Green
@ZOMBIE COP changes eyebrows into Medium Sharp
@ZOMBIE COP changes nose into Aquiline
@ZOMBIE COP changes hair into Male Subtle Faux Hawk
@ZOMBIE COP changes face into Chiseled Oval
@ZOMBIE COP changes bodyColor into Ivory
@ZOMBIE COP changes eyes into Deepset Piercing
@ZOMBIE COP changes mouthColor into Emerald
@transition fade in black in 1
#beat ends
#beat starts
&ZOMBIE COP walks to spot 1.25 184 3 in zone 1 THEN ZOMBIE COP faces right AND ZOMBIE COP starts frustrated
&ZOMBIE COP moves to layer 4

Can it be the mouth that does not exist?

mkay, i got the same error. im gonna delete and repaste every line one by one until i find the error. or you can. lol

Maybe changing mouth to lips?

got it. gimme 1 sec

nope, tried it.

You can hehe I am on my phone and it’s harder to check.

i did the story on the phone app and adjusting on PC so i think it set for INK not Limelight coding