New ranking system includes gems: what is your opinion?

awhile ago, episode changed the ranking system, where your rank is determined on how many gems you get, not the amount of reads you get.
what do ya’ll think about this? do you love it, hate it, etc.
personally, I despise this new system. this new system has ensured that smaller authors have a much harder time building up to the higher ranks, which makes their hard work become much more unnocticed.
it seems that episode put in this new system to gain more money.
people want to pick a gem option when reading but can’t, because they have no gems. so they buy more (giving episode more money) in order to pick the choice.

I’m not sure, maybe I’m wrong. what do you all think of this?


Um, I actually think that it isn’t the topic we all should be discussing because I feel like this change was made quite a long time ago and all the drama and negative already passed by our community.

If you want to know what people thought of it, I am pretty sure there are a lot of topics that were created when all the gems-drama started and you just could find it through search.

I hope I wasn’t rude, but I really think this isn’t a great idea to start it all over again :smiley:

I feel multiple people have take gems for stupid stuff like CC and such, and thats not okay.

beside I feel its still mostly the same stories in top 100, which multiple have no gems at all because they are from before

but honestly I think the new gems option has help authors to get in top 100, though its for a short while, I used a couple of gems choices, which was very much worth it, like this was amazing what you got and for only 5 gems, and even then, it barely gave me a full day in top 100.

like it wouldnt have happen at all without gems, but still it barely feel worth it.

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okay, well i wasnt in the community when the change was made. [: I was a writer in 2018-early 2020, then left and officially came back in and started writing in the summer of 2021.

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Yeah, no worries, thats what I thought :))
Let me just tell you that it was massive drama about this change, everyone was talking about it and there were a lot hate. And I understand all the authors, but believe me, it was hard even to go on Instagram at that times:(

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wow, really?? do you know when the change was made? i came back and didn’t even realize it was changed until someone said something…

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Yep. As far as I remember it was made in summer or early autumn…