New ranking system involves gems?

i left the community over a year ago, but i just came back and i’ve heard here and there that there is a new ranking system? it no longer depends on the amount of reads you get, but the gems?? is this true?


Yup it’s true

New GeM RaNkINg SyStEm.


I recently returned after… two years? Maybe three? And I am not impressed with the changes. I’m not sure if it’s this specific user story or if it applies to all, but you can also only read them in 6 chapter intervals before it prompts you with “6 more episodes will be unlocked in X amount of time, or you can pay 10 gems and read now!”. The Episode Official stories are also no longer what they once were.


Yeah it’s skip the wait thing

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yes i noticed this! it’s definitely a feature i won’t be using LOL

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i don’t like it at all :confused:

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Same that’s why my rank is always 1000 something

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