New Release! Mystery/Romance: Bad For Business

Hey guys! :two_hearts: I just released a new story and would be delighted if you could check it out!

I would love to do read4reads, but please dm me on instagram as I do not check this platform often…@Sam_writez.

The title is Bad for Business by Samantha Marie!

Female MC / Female & Male Love Interest (Female will come in a later chapter)

Description: You’re one of Atlanta’s next top models, and you quickly find yourself wrapped in a devious scandal. Your bad attitude has only made your situation worse, and is causing your mother’s business to gain some unwanted attention. Rumors fly, and paparazzi now follows your every step. Too bad the paparazzi won’t be there to capture your abducter. Only one person is taking your absence seriously, will he be able to find you in time?


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ill check it out. :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed::sunglasses:

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Thank you so much dear! :two_hearts:

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DM me on insta if you would like to r4r :sparkling_heart::hugs: