**NEW** Revamped Story, "I'm No Cinderella"!

Back in 2016, I published a little story to Episode called “I’m No Cinderella”, and it accumulated about 10k reads and 100 fan mails (terrible retention, though), but toward 2018 I decided to remove the story from the platform because…
a) I was losing access to my account because I stupidly created it with a student email which was recently locked (I graduated high school)
b) I was no longer satisfied with what I had originally written.
c) Episode has always had an iffy community and it’s hard sometimes to stand out among the ole’ bad boy pregnancy stories
So ya, this is simply a thread I wanted to create in order to promote my story, do updates, reach out to fans (I’m getting ahead of myself). But you’re probably wondering: what the heck is “I’m No Cinderella”?

15-year-old Clarissa Adams has always found comfort in her music, her true passion and her worst nightmare given her crippling stage fright. But when her life clashes drastically with Sky Williamson, the red-headed golden boy that Clarissa harbors deep feelings for, she finds herself at the mercy of the anger-driven Lily James. Lily only has one rule for Clarissa: keep away from the boy! But when Clarissa’s music is also put on the line, will Clarissa decide to give it up to protect her secrets, or will she risk it all for the one thing she might just care about more than the acceptance of others?

If you’re interested in beta reading for this story, go to my forum topic at this link: Need Beta Readers for revamped story, "I'm No Cinderella"

I’m planning on trying to officially publish in September!


I just wanted to let everyone know that “I’m No Cinderella” is scheduled to be published by the end of September!

Reminder to follow my Instagram, @christinar.stories, for more consistent updates!

I might publish today!

Today’s the day! I’m No Cinderella is out!

I read the first episode and I’m going to read the second because I want to what will happen !!
Good luck with the story and I’m happy that you decided to rewrite the story again !
I support you!!
Well I’m a new author can you read my story?
I think you will like it because it’s also talk about teenagers problems ( well, kinda )
Title : Arty’s life
By : flare

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I’ll remember to check it out!

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Wow, thank you!

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Oh I read it! It was really good!

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thank you! Im still working on chapter four but hopefully I can’t get the inspiration to get it out!

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