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Hey guys! We’re doing a hero’s role play!

Welcome to Hero’s Academy tryouts! Tell us about yourself!
User: RyRydoezepisode
Name of Character: Briar Rose
Age: 17
Gender: F
Sexuality (You can skip this if you want): Straight
Power (max: two): Power of nature and air
Where they are from: Maine
Bio: Riley grew up in the surburbs and was raised by her grandmother. At a young age, she was introduced to flowers. She started working at the flower shop and grew a passion for them- which remains in her lifestyle today.
Personality: Briar is a stubborn girl. Often portrayed as brave by others, but naive by some.
Faceclaim (must be real person, not anime or anything!):

1.Briar Rose power: nature and air
2. Ruby Frost power: fire and ice






I would love to join

User: Killerfrost
Charector: Ruby Frost
Powers: Fire and Ice
Back story: Ruby was abandoned by her parents, and was found by a nurse in cold snow. Later on she was adopted by Mr and Mrs Demirith. For 5 years she was abused by them ( both physically and mentally) and at the age of 10 beat her up so much that she fell unconscious and they had to leave her in the snow… she woke up and made her way to a cave where she lit up fire. She lived like that until the age of 13 when some one passing through that place came and took her to their home. Now she has a normal life.
Personality: felt too much to the point where she became numb, cold, funny, guarded, stubborn


User: livvy613
Name: Oasis Kala
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Powers: Telekinesis ( like a scarlet Witch ) and Can put people to sleep with her touch.
From: Australia
Bio: She was born with her powers. Telekinesis came naturally to her and at age 3, she started to levitate toy blocks bigger than her. Her power of sleep came when she was 7. She hugged her mom, and her mom fell asleep.
Personality: She’s an ambivert. { 25% Extro, 75% Intro } Oasis has a short temper and can be annoyed extremely easily. She is funny, kind, and caring.


@RyRydoezepisode is this still going to be a RP? Or is the idea dead?


Is this dead?


I’m assuming it is ;-;