New scene and transitions

Hey so im very very bad at explaing things so bare with me on this one :joy:
Right so basically ive seen a transition what is used when your going from one scene to another instead of the classic fade in and fade out
it just a black screen that goes across the screen and then it cuts to ur new background
if you know what i mean any help would be appreacted thanksss

Here are all the transitions listed:

I think it should be the curtain something

@transition curtain in_right #
@transition curtain out_right #

Vice versa should have a similar effect, but I haven’t tested it yet.


@transition curtain out_right #
@transition curtain in_right #

The same goes for going towards the left. I hope this helps!

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Thankyouuuu this is very helpfull glad you know what i meant

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I’ve used it and it works thanks so much hun