New Season Cover Art

Hi, I need someone that’s not too busy to help me with my cover art for my second season for my episode series. The info and cover art I made before is below with the idea that I might want for my second cover art. Thanks!! :slight_smile:


I wanted the same font but I used Canva for this. My idea for this is a white background with open cell bars and blood dripping down from the top of the cells. The cell bars do not need to cover the entire white page. I needed some space from the top and bottom for the title and my author name. Where it says, "Who will survive?’, right there, I wanted it to say, "Now or Never!. I almost forgot. I wanted a guy in the middle of the open cells bars like the guy in the hoodie facing front like in Pretty Little Liars.

New story name:
Stalker Killer: Unleashed!

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I can help you if you would like…

Here are some examples


I am with @EpisodeStudio and we have a lot of talented artist who would love to help as well…

-EpisodeStudio President

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Ok, thanks! :slight_smile:

No problem… I will start gathering u up the things I need. Do you have the character details?

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yes, I was thinking a guy in a hoodie like in PLL. I wanted him to be face front. Like staring at the viewers.

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