New section open- story ideas available...!

Hello everyone. This is a new thread.
This thread is for helping people with their writer’s block and with story ideas. Many new writers or even the writers who have written before have issues with ideas for the story. They struggle with what they should write about. And even if they have ideas they struggle with the outline or building the story. So, in this thread, I am going to help with story prompts and ideas and outline and also story building. No more wasting time on thinking what to write or how to continue,

My Instagram ID is @shona_episode. Contact me here or on my Insta. I am available all the time…

Please see if yo u can help!

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So you need ideas for undercover stories… I will DM you with the ideas soon…

Hey! It would be more convinient if you just comment the idea down on my post!

sure… i will