New Shelf - Aliens!

Knowing my luck someone has already made a topic about this, but I can’t find one so here we go!

I opened the app to find the Queer Shelf gone (:sob: rip Camp Heimat) and it to be replaced by a new shelf: Aliens!

Sci-Fi writers your time has come!

I’ll edit this post in a minute listing all the stories :sparkling_heart:

  1. Lost in Space by Veronica Writes/@RavenWrites/@raven.writes.episode on insta
  2. Mission Become by RachelleFaucet/@RachelleFaucet
  3. Identical by Rachh
  4. Before I Go by Ingrid S./@_Ingrid/@_ingrid.writes on insta
  5. Everlast by Cosmic
  6. CYBERHUNT by Bel
  7. ESMERIA by Natasha C
  8. Our Galaxies Intertwined: Alternate Universe by Natty James/@nattyjames.epi
  9. 2.5 Million Light-Years Away by JiangShi/@JiangShi

Please tell me if any of these writers have insta/forum names so I can tag them!

What do you think of the stories picked? Have you read any of them already? Were there any other stories you would’ve liked to see on the shelf? Share your thoughts below!


haha I love this :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I listed all of the stories! If anyone knows the writers Forum Accounts and insta accounts feel free to tag them!

Hey there! I am the author of Lost in Space :blush:

Feel free to tag my insta: @raven.writes.episode


Mission Become is by @RachelleFaucet

Our Galaxies Intertwined: Alternate Universe is by @nattyjames.epi

Congrats to both of you :partying_face::alien:


2.5 Million Light Years away is by @JiangShi




I’m the author of Before I Go.

My IG: @_ingrid.writes

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Congrats you two! :sparkling_heart:


I’m so, so, so, happy for this shelf :sob:
I read Mission Become, Identical, Cyberhunt, Our Galaxies intertwined and 2.5 million light years away.
The choice Episode made is excellent, they’re all amazing stories, with a lot of depth, diversity and well-written. I couldn’t have chosen any better stories.
I hope that this shelf will show Episode and the community that the sci-fi community is alive and that we need a genre for it.
Other than that I already added all the other stories to my favorites, can’t wait to read them all!


It’s like they’re taunting us with a sci-fi genera :disappointed:
It’s super great that smaller stories were picked also, the largest has just over 5k and the smallest has 700. It’s awesome they’re giving smaller community writers a spotlight :sparkling_heart:


Thank you <3

Congratulations to all authors :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thanks :tada::tada::tada:

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Okay. I have like a really stupid question. But how the **** do I find this shelf ?? :weary:

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You press on the 3 lines on the left it should be there :slightly_smiling_face:

Nope :see_no_evil:

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That’s weird…were you able to see the queer contest shelf?
How long have you had the app?

That’s really weird :thinking:

Hmm nope. Now when I think about it. I haven’t been able to see any shelf’s. it’s a new phone I got 2 months ago. Maybe I should write episode :weary: