New Short Vampire Story + Short S4S's!

Hello! I’d love for y’all to check out my story! Thank you so much in advance when you finish reading it! P.S. MC is a fem. human

Title: Vampirella
Episodes: 4
Genre: Horror/Tragedy (not a real tag but I thought it was important to note!), but there are comedic + romance scenes
LI: 1 human male + 1 vampire female, but you can choose non-romantic choices, too
Warning: Language (censored), light crude humor, tragic scenes
Link: Episode Writer Portal

Note: I plan to write a longer version of Vampirella and make this a side story. This message is also mentioned at the last episode :smiley: and in the comments, I’d love to read any short stories or new episodes!

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i would be interested in reading it! What is your episode name? And would you want any feedback? Just trying to help out other authors :))

Hi Laney :)) and my episode name is Lucky Writes! Also yeah, I’d like to hear your thoughts about it! I do wanna mention that I left out important details to backstories of certain characters, so I hope that clears up some questions you may have during the story :smiley:

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