New Skin Tones and the Future of Character Tech


How do you make the characters unique


And my point is, I want other long Ethnic and Afro hair styles for men because there isn’t many. And I also want unbraided and straight too.


Is this released or just for certain authors? I saw a screencap where an author (tho she’s gonna be featured/the author of Envy :D) had it showing it in her webviewer!

Does Episode ONLY release updates on Thursdays?


The problem with this is that the eyes and nose are too realistic for the Limelight style :frowning: it makes it look super weird!


I really hope that they add new body shapes. They’re all hyped up about sexuality and ethnicity diversity, (which is very important) but they seem to have forgotten about the diversity of body shapes. That’s important too!


Does anybody know when the new feature updates (freckles, beards, ect.) are going to be released?


They release different ones/batches of them every Thursday.


Oh okay, thank you!


Amazing :grin:


I guess because she becoming a feature she gets them first and then I guess we shall get them later or whatever. And yes only on Thursday we get updates from the creators


Do you know what time the updates come out?


Usually around 21:00 BST (UK) - not sure what time in US or other countries.


2:00-3:00 pm US


OH, welp it’s 2:58, sooner will be 3:00 hope it’s coming out.


It’s 2:09 for me so it might come out for you at 4:00.
I’m central zone


Okay, got it.


Wait, wait, wait. ITS COMING NEXT THURSDAY?!


what about england?


I dunno. They’re taking longer than usual to update today


Wait, wait, wait. ITS TODAY??