New Skin Tones and the Future of Character Tech


Yeah I’m gonna take a leap and say we ain’t getting shit today.


Ooo i’m gonna make a letter to episode. :tomato:


Yo! :joy: Ya’ll wildin in these comments! Done! :rofl:



Episode’s the ones WILDIN :triumph::weary:


Dead! :rofl: :skull_and_crossbones:


Got me crackin’



Stop! :joy::clap:t5:


The protest never stops



Is it just me tho or does the new update lack POC hairstyles?
We need more curly hairstyles and Afros :no_mouth:




We need Native American and Aboriginal clothing and styles. Like the headdress. I’m waiting for that to release. :frowning_woman:t5:


I’m Native American and in neither LL or ink do they have Native American styles :triumph:


"EPISODE! I WANT IT!!! NOW!" :triumph: :confounded:




Episode wants us to have diversity but its so hard to make diverse stories with NO CHOICES


Can I have a GOOD Episode featured story with a all POC + LGBT cast? No…Thought so… :pensive:


The extent of what choices we get in stories…

Bland BFF “Oh boy, your dress looks ugly. But oh boi oh boi, I have just the thing for you! I found this Gucci dress at the bottom of closet and I’m 100% willing to let you use it!”

You “I’d love that!”



I want episode to make LGBT+ clothes