New Skin Tones and the Future of Character Tech


So accurate. And the outfits that aren’t diamond choices not even that bad :roll_eyes:


Male dresses, heels, etc.


It’s stupid because they use bullying to get us to use diamonds.
Either I spend real life money on a stupid virtual outfit or for the next 10 minutes my character will be ridiculed for dressing off


What I watch when episode isn’t bringing stuff


I never watch pitch perfect stuff…




Sims did it.
They had men’s and women’s clothing as options for any gender


I play the Sims. I love that they do that. Episode, take notes :triumph:


Where the body shapes at though Episode?! :eyes:


They even had gender options like body types, bathroom positions, clothing preferences, and voice styles.
Sims is such a good game :heart:


When is regina coming to episode, like the face and stuff is different


And teeth, along with other facial features. I LOVE IT! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


YAs you can even have braces.


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I’m already ready to change my characters! :sob: COME ON EPISODE!


Like i try to incorporate characters of all types but most features were intended for generic straight white people


Also CC, and hairs and baldness… and when i put spanish in the script it… puts… error or like i spelt something wrong and NO.


Right! I need them ETHNIC FEATURES!


Half of my black female character have weaves/relaxed hair because there’s not much curly hair


The Afro in Limelight looks like a BROOM. They need to change it and make them Ethnic and Afro styled hair look like the one in Ink


It does look like a stupid af broom.