New Skin Tones and the Future of Character Tech


Just e-mailed episode goys!!!

lets see if they actually respond


You see that Episode. Put that in Limelight.



BoDy SeEmS uNcLeAr
Someone gonna die


That junk pisses me off.




Just waiting on the page…:frowning_woman:t5:


There is a trick, don’t abuse it tho.

DO blur, delete the inside.

This text will be blurred and then put it next to it

spolier what ever HII


I only use it when I have a birthday or somethin’


Just casually refreshing and looking at the Limelight features in the portal…:frowning_woman:t5:


Every episode writer waiting for the LL daddies, more diversity, different body shapes, face features, equal clothing preferences

Episode: Yeah they’ll be coming out soon watch out for more updates!

Episode every Thursday :


This is kinda getting ridiculous.
All jokes aside,
Are they just not updating?
I’m annoyed that I spent all day watching the forums and refreshing the portal.


Episode: Coming soon
Me: EEK.

Episode: excuse


they’ve been saying this for TWO months


They will say an excuse tomorrow :wink:


Ay! I don’t got school tomorrow. I can be on the forums all day and night! :smile: :laughing:


Can they at least address the community?


It’s honestly the least they could do at this point.


Like have all the team member’s left the planet?


Yes, they have all left the planet, because of the salty attacks we are giving them, they took all their limelight tech and took a spaceship and flew to MArs.


They wanted an escape.