New Skin Tones and the Future of Character Tech


They ain’t goin no where. Who comin’ with me on the ship? I got snacks, Netflick–We’ll survive untill we get to them. Ya’ll coming in or what? -Starts to go in ship


I’m not releasing my story until the update comes out because honestly the lack of features are…



lets go!!!


Does Jeremy work for the company or have any connections? Maybe we could ask him :no_mouth:


Hell yes I am. Maybe we can develop technology that lets us look at Episodes new daddies from afar, then when the time is right we sneak up on them, take their tech and run away.


honestly I thought he was a just a forum moderator, but I am new to using the forum so what do I know?


And I bet he’ll be like I’m SoRrY i CaN’t AnSwEr ThAt

Okay someone flagged my comment and I’m confused. Why?


I think that the new skintones and features would be lovely


If you’ve seen Pitch Perfect on Episode, Fat Amy has her original body, which may be something that’ll be released soon.


They probably didn’t update because they are on instagram living their best lives


Those are my pics from another thread :wink:


I’ve been up pretty long last night, waiting till I fell asleep. :joy:

Dear Episodians, all who waited yesterday… You must be pretty tired now. If I were your mom, I’d write you excuse for school today, so you could rest at home and wait for Episode release again. :smiley:


And while I was sleeping Episode team was busy! There’s something new in the Portal!

Boots have been updated :smiley:


Oh ok


Ikkk and then there’s another choice in the story which is for 20 diamonds I mean, do they expect us to have so many :expressionless:




What country do you live in?


Ya, I hope so!


Wait, wait, wait.