New Skin Tones and the Future of Character Tech


Even socks for LL female would be better.


Ik I’ve been refreshing like every second :weary:


I wish they had socks. They will probably make them at some point.


They keep releasing random clothes. That’s not bad but the bigger updates are really rare.


I think it’s because they have to test them out or something.


They probably won’t update until next Thursday.
I don’t know what the deal is


Just why only on Thursday?


It’s a mystery.


Lol Episode is so salty or someone is because they flagged almost all of my posts on this thread.


there’s a new eye color and a new hair color on the app :thinking: though, they aren’t available in the portal as of now

looks kind of gold-ish…?

new color vs dark brown.

but other than that, there’s nothing new…


Eh. At least it’s something. :frowning_woman:t5:


Literally ANYTHING will help me from dying from lack of updates


Does anyone know if when they release the stuff they will also add some animations and clothes? The photo in the middle has a cool dress I want.


Yesterday was thursday, I thought they were releasing it yesterday :sob:


:sob::confounded::disappointed: Same!!


I was waiting on it for MONTHS

Come on Episode bring the tech.


Well where Episode is… it’s 12:25 PM…


Ooof. I read the blog like a month late so I didn’t have to wait as much lol


I’m like refreshing every second


That’s what @EpisodeShadow did too :smile:, tbh I would do that.