New Skin Tones and the Future of Character Tech


same here! :disappointed:


Wait, so does this mean we’ll be getting an update next Thursday?


When is the update going to be released?


Most likely never​:tired_face::tired_face::tired_face:


How do you figure never? It says coming soon


Not really, I’m just sayin dat by how long is taking


joins you


@Jesse said that since it’s only just been released in featured stories it might still take a while. When Episode says “coming soon” for big updates like this, it generally seems to take a few months before regular community writers get it.

I’m wondering if we’re getting a big update to the web previewer or something, given how borked it was a few days back and the new buttons that suddenly appeared :thinking:


There are no new buttons on my Previewer :smiley:


Well since they’re working on new skin tones…can we get skin tones with vitiligo in the mix? I mean I know people with it they need representation too. Just a suggestion though


Yeah, they’ve disappeared again, but they were there briefly. They didn’t actually do anything, even when you clicked them anyway :joy:
But that probably means they’re making some kind of update to it.


I assume so. Or possibly the next Thursday after that.


OH MY GOD I WRITE ON WATTPAD TOO. What is your name?



Don’t even judge my name lmao


Freckles and beards! YES! :joy:




Any updates on the update? :grin:


the update on the update is there is no update so whilst we wait for an update and hope there is a update i don’t think we will get an update so an update on the update is n/a,



I’m deadly dead.

By that gif


But… i’m upset cause… MY LL DADDIES.



Where is this friggin update I’m waiting to start a story :weary::weary: