New Skin Tones and the Future of Character Tech


Somebody said on Instagram the Episode computers have been down which is why we have no update…

I saw it on @CoraMae’s IG.


Damn, are you serious? I haven’t really heard them say anything about it…:thinking:


Have you also read that’s a joke? :smiley:


Oh, I thought you meant the last sentence was a joke.

But, it could have possibly happened. :woman_shrugging:


I try to be sarcastic since we got sarcastic story in the app :rofl:
Whenever I am, I write that at the end :heart:



But there is no update for the update so we can’t get an update because there’s no update to be updated before getting updated.




Who is that? :joy:


lol I think it’s Liam Payne from 1D :rofl:


but …

the update for the update is nowhere to be seen because it hasn’t been updated, because there really was never an update and instead of giving us an update they aren’t gonna give us an updated update so what shall we do? wait for the updates on the updates? NO. I will not stand for them scamming me of my updated updates.


is that kim jaeduck in your pfp or am i stupid


So how do we get an update if there is no update? Otherwise, Episode wouldn’t update an update if the update is not updated!


Are you a Yellowkie or am I stupid?


I could’ve sworn it was someone else…


You are not stupid :wink:








Episode’s PCS are probably down, even though someone did a insta but it was a joke :wink:, but yeah… maybe?


I’m sure they would post on insta if they were actually planning to release an update and were unable to


Have y’all seen the new Ghamali backgrounds and overlays? Maybe that was the update for last week :thinking:


Ghamali backgrounds? wHAt!?