New Skin Tones and the Future of Character Tech


Maybe it was


I definitely hadn’t seen those!
I don’t think we ever got a notification about them, so maybe that is it?
Side note: These are quite complex backgrounds. I was wondering what was going on with INT. GRAND ENTRY GHAMALI - DAY and realised that there are multiple overlays that go with it :rofl:


Wait there are new backgrounds?


Nevermind I found them


I’m soooooooo excited, i think it’s out this week!!!


I hope so!!!


I know me too :grin:




Fingers crossed for new feature update (or an update at all) tomorrow :smiley:




SAME. I hope they release them soon!



Noah is the hottest Episode guy ever comfirmed.


Me too

:crossed_fingers:t5: Fingers crossedz


They changed the icon on the app. Do I smell an update


it smells very good from what i’m smelling as my :nose: nose is picking up the good smelling smell


(Anchovies!) if you get this I love you


I do get it lol. They smell. They are literally fish :grin::joy::grin:


I’m hoping for the facial hair update SO MUCH! :sob:
Although after last Thursday, I hope we even get ANYTHING :tired_face:


Since the Thriller deadline is this Sunday, I almost guarantee it will be something huge that will mess up everyone’s LL customisation scripts :rofl:

Just like last year when they dropped Halloween costumes 12 hours before the deadline.


What time in the UK are the updates meant to go live?