New Skin Tones and the Future of Character Tech


If beards and some new face shapes came yesterday, this might mean we’re expecting these features little by little. Because of how they released features this week, it may mean clothing next week, because we did receive a delay of the new features, so that may be it.


If you saw Episode’s IG Story, they’ve explained why INK isn’t being updated anymore.


I’m so happy!!!


That makes me not want to write for the platform anymore :frowning:




The eyes of the image above mixed with the bottom matches mine perfectly. I wish it wasn’t so slender. Maybe if they release a mixture of it.


Are those eyes new too? Or am I seeing things :rofl:


The eyes, hair and mouth seem new to me. AH! They teased us so much on the IG stories… I’m so excited!!!


Hey Jesse! Will you guys be making a thing so that our characters are different body sizes like chubby,skinny,etc.


Yes, they announced on Instagram they will be but it’s gonna be a long process. About 6 months


Awwww… Okay


Was that announced on their instagram story?


No. I’m just saying my own option for eyes. I would like an eye type like that.


Sorry i meant to reply to this one


I know one of these have been posted already but just Incase you haven’t seen yet… here’s some new hair styles! Via Episode’s Insta Story.


Though, they said if Limelight is alright, they’re gonna go back to INK, but those updates may take a while because they explained each clothing asset takes three to six months time.

They originally planned to do INK and Limelight at the same time, but it was too hard for their artists to manage that.


asap could i get a release date bc im on edge waiting for this update


Serious love!


They also said that ink has some technical limitations, and therefore, it’s easier to do more with limelight (and that it was due to ink’s limitations that they invented limelight in the first place, to make it easier for the artists to work on more diverse and creative features with freedom)