New Skin Tones and the Future of Character Tech


Yeah. I can’t wait much longer.


Same. Totally agree @Baris


Wow! Just wow! It’s absolutely amazing.


I am loving the new skin tones so far and I can’t wait to get more facial features! I feel like it will really help all of our characters look unique (I have a bad case of same-face syndrome). I also am loving the new hair dos and really hope that the episode team comes out with more hair styles, especially updos (Its kind of weird for all of my characters wear the same bun) and male hairstyles.


I hope this character tech is released soon because I have some amazing plans for the stubble feature :heart_eyes:




I don’t really understand. So are we getting scars and beards and new hairs but to do that we have to get new skin tones?


Could you guys add an ombre hair feature to INK or LL or both?


The old skin tones wouldn’t have worked well with these new features. They would have been difficulties with it. The new skin tones work better with the varieties of these features.