New Skin Tones and Updated Search

@Jesse I’ve just tried out the new template for CC and there’s a few errors…

The new template doesn’t include all the features. I’ve just done the female one and so far I see that these features are missing:

Eyes: Deepset Almond, Sharp Almond, Round Medium and the colour dark hazel
Lips: small heart, thin heart, medium thin, full round pouty, full round flat top skin
Eyebrows: arch thin high

Also, in the Face Shape category Mature heart is there twice.

And finally, in the hair selection, when you select medium hairstyles it takes you to page two first (which has no hairstyles on it) instead of page 1.


My overlays were finally approved, I was just about to publish my new chapter, but now I have an error because I’m using an old skin tone.


Does this mean that we have to change all of our skin tone names in scripts? :frowning:

Edit. Ok, now I see this:

And don’t worry – if you don’t resave your existing scripts, your current avatar creators will still work (they’ll miss the new colors we’ve added, but your readers’ experience will not be interrupted)!

But if you have a newly approved background or overlay, you have to save your script to stop getting the error that it’s not approved :frowning:


Unfortunately I think so :cry: Apparently if we resave a chapter that used the old skin tones we’ll get the error message. The same thing happened to me and I’m currently in the process of redoing it all bc otherwise I can’t even preview my episodes :unamused:

Oh rip sorry I replied before I saw that you had updated…

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I’m just gonna go back to drinking my morning coffee because I was so happy to be finally able to publish (after waiting 8 days for overlay approval).


omg I’m so sorry… :worried::tired_face::slightly_frowning_face:

My templates have been updated with the new skin tone names and completey reorganized, plus they have ALL the features: Multiple Character Customization Templates (INK & Limelight)


I don’t understand why Episode don’t just use your templates when every template that they’ve released is missing a bunch of features :joy::see_no_evil:


BLESS. As always, thank you Dara <3

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Happy writing? Why would you do this in the middle of a LIMELIGHT contest? The contest ends in like 2 weeks. Art has been created. Overlays have been created. Our characters no longer match what we have spent time working on. Do you not realize what a setback this is? Countless hours wasted because you all couldn’t wait a month to do this? It should have been done after the judging of the Dirty Dancing contest and before the next contest. Why is it that the episode team can never think intuitively and logically and do things to benefit us? There’s always one problem or another. The last update messed with the speech bubbles, the approvals have been taking weeks, and now you all single-handedly messed up the skin tones during the contest many have been working on. It’s like you’re attaching heavyweights to our limbs, throwing us into the damn ocean, and seeing who can make it to the top. Inadvertently or not, stop sabotaging us.


Fortunately I don’t have any Limelight stories, but my avatar on the app keeps changing skin color randomly every time I check it. Sometimes I am pale, rose, then black, which is a little weird. Does it help if I change my skin tone to green? Because in that case I will :smiley:


Why release an update you clearly haven’t tested out properly?! :sneezing_face:


Yeah, or they could at least leave us the option to keep everything as it was. I was so annoyed by the new, wrongly placed speech bubbles, I went back to fix them one by one, which took me like 2 weeks…


I’m not trying to be a buzzkill after you guys spent a long time trying to do this for us, but… why now? Why so close to the deadline of a Limelight contest? Was this something urgent, that needed to be release now? I don’t think so… :woman_shrugging:t3:
I’m entering the contest… but now it’s so discouraging, because I’ve been splitting my time in coding the story, I’ve been doing art scenes, arms overlays etc, some already submitted, others just finishing the last details, and now… what am I supposed to do with them? Were there any considerations for us, the ones entering the contest, when you guys thought of releasing it? I’m not one to complain, even if I don’t agree with something, but this really messed up with my time and effort I put into my story. And I’m sure I’m not the only one that feels this way :sweat: Hopefully, no one has gotten yet any commissioned art for this contest… just saying…


Why release New Skin tones when you haven’t fixed speech bubble placement yet?
It’s about the quality rather than how many updates you guys put out.

I had to correct most of my characters skin tones which took almost an hour.

Don’t even get me started on the speech bubbles which I have to correct almost EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.


Thanks for the update, it’s good to know that the team works hard. However, I find this new update very frustrating for the reasons stated in the previous comments.
It’s discouraging that we need to change all the names of the tones and modify the overlays created for the stories. This is making everyone’s lives worse because we need to rework our old stories AGAIN instead of working on new episodes.

Also, I understand that the search is a great and useful feature, but… Is it possible to organize the colors by names? It’s killing me to see that all variations of Ash, for example, are not in the same row (or any other logically explainable sequence of tones). It might be unimportant for the team but it is frustrating, this is a negative impact on the usability of the portal. I hope something will be improved.


I noticed it too. The old skin colors were turned into new ones which are always a bit darker. For example tan neutral was turned into neutral 05 which is way darker than tan. :confused:


It’s the same as the fantasy contest. Eight hours before the deadline magical/fantastical clothes were released. The episode team said that eight hours would be enough to include those in your story but some of us live in a different time zone and were sleeping :expressionless:


They did that with the Haunted contest too :roll_eyes:

I feel so sorry for everyone entering DD who made custom overlays…


Just a reminder that the forums are not here for troubleshooting and if you are experiencing any issues to submit a ticket. Also, let’s please stick to the topic. I don’t want to have to hide off topic post’s in here. Thanks. :peace_symbol:

No, a new nose shape replaced it (it is bomb btw :heart_eyes:) but it still have the same name. They might change it later though.