New Skin Tones and Updated Search

Either my eyes are playing tricks on me or the tones have changed?
Edit: by this I mean, I think the skintones seem a little lighter/more like they’re supposed to look?

@Jesse I still can’t find Neutral 2? I searched by “neutral” but there are only 10 shades instead of 11 like every other range.

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WAY darker. It’s very much like an olive skin tone than something paler.

Again, most of the skin tones are darker than anticipated. My lighter characters went from looking pale and pasty (as intended) to like they had a bad spray tan.


Man they look weird…

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oh my gosh noooo. I really hope they fix the issue soon :((

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I think they have changed, because I went back to check and they looked different. Fair Neutral (Neutral 01) still feels a little off for me.


Yeah, some still feel a little weird to me but looking at the map we were given before, I was expecting some to look off just not as far off as they were about an hour ago! My overlays seem to match much better now (not perfect, but enough for me to not care lol).

Question (if it makes sense). If I used the code “@CHARACTER goes to character avatar”, will all of the new skin tones be there?

Even though some may not be satisfied with the skin tones, which I completely understand, I’m still glad we got an update nevertheless. And the search counterpart is really helpful, at least it’s more helpful for the clothes. I’m sure Episode will fix these problems soon enough. :relieved:

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Actually, I prefer the one where it takes time to show us lol (the older one)
And also the customization template some of us for limelight some time ago will still work, right? The readers should still be able to choose the choices without errors?

From what I understand it will still work as long as you don’t resave it. Or else it tells you those skin colors don’t exist.

OK, then I guess that’s fine, thank you (but it really should let writers re-save without errors because of all the hard work that went into creating templates)…this update is a bit confusing for me as I hear users talking about glitches associated with it. I’m so scared to even test my Limelight story :scream:

So the skin colors aren’t arranged by family? But… wasn’t that the point?

Ok but besides that… yes Episode putting in work for this update!!


@Jesse I’ve just tried out the new template for CC and there’s a few errors…

The new template doesn’t include all the features. I’ve just done the female one and so far I see that these features are missing:

Eyes: Deepset Almond, Sharp Almond, Round Medium and the colour dark hazel
Lips: small heart, thin heart, medium thin, full round pouty, full round flat top skin
Eyebrows: arch thin high

Also, in the Face Shape category Mature heart is there twice.

And finally, in the hair selection, when you select medium hairstyles it takes you to page two first (which has no hairstyles on it) instead of page 1.


My overlays were finally approved, I was just about to publish my new chapter, but now I have an error because I’m using an old skin tone.


Does this mean that we have to change all of our skin tone names in scripts? :frowning:

Edit. Ok, now I see this:

And don’t worry – if you don’t resave your existing scripts, your current avatar creators will still work (they’ll miss the new colors we’ve added, but your readers’ experience will not be interrupted)!

But if you have a newly approved background or overlay, you have to save your script to stop getting the error that it’s not approved :frowning:


Unfortunately I think so :cry: Apparently if we resave a chapter that used the old skin tones we’ll get the error message. The same thing happened to me and I’m currently in the process of redoing it all bc otherwise I can’t even preview my episodes :unamused:

Oh rip sorry I replied before I saw that you had updated…

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I’m just gonna go back to drinking my morning coffee because I was so happy to be finally able to publish (after waiting 8 days for overlay approval).


omg I’m so sorry… :worried::tired_face::slightly_frowning_face:

My templates have been updated with the new skin tone names and completey reorganized, plus they have ALL the features: Multiple Character Customization Templates (INK & Limelight)


I don’t understand why Episode don’t just use your templates when every template that they’ve released is missing a bunch of features :joy::see_no_evil:


BLESS. As always, thank you Dara <3

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