New speech bubble won’t show in my preview

So I have been recently writing my story “evermore” and I use the app to preview my work and recently in one of my scenes the speech bubble are t showing up!! Like the animations are still going but the speech bubbles aren’t there and they are in the script and I’ve tried refreshing the window and closing and opening the app and nothing is seeming to work and then I sent it to a friend to see if it would do that on her screen and it did it on hers too CAN ANYONE HELP MEE!!

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Did you move bubbles or hide at some point?

Did you try to use the command: @speechbubble reset ?

Omg I tried to that didn’t work either

Hmmm :thinking:

I’m having the same problem :frowning: did u find any solutions???

do you see the speachbubbles OK in the portal and it just doesnt apear in the app when you play the story?