New Sport stories

Hey guys I’ve read alot of sports stories but can’t find any new ones. Any suggestions please

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Operation Quarterback?

I’ve already read it. Loved it

hmm, My story has a character that does cheer?

Yeah I’ll definitely check it out. Whats it called?

LDR: Good at Lying

Thank you :blush: ill save it now

thanks, you can also do becoming the Quarterback

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my story involves a lot of sports if you would like to check it out!


Mc: boxing, and tennis
LI: football

Of course I’m always up to new stories

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flirty fighters?

What ones have you read?

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You should definitely check out Be My Amore by @aylinV

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Here’s the link:


girl, i love you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Thank you guys im checking out every suggestion. (Hopefully I haven’t read them). If you guys have any other stories with a good story line of any kind let me know

Here is my new story!
Episodes 1-5 our out and I will update once or twice a week, maybe more!

Title: My Chance

Author: bella_.writes
Instagram: bella_.writes

Style: Limelight (CC 1LI ART)

Genre: Romance (Action & Drama too)


Description: After her Dad’s death, Kaia returns to her hometown of Austin, Texas. To honour him she has her head set on joining the football team and becoming the star QB. One problem, girls aren’t ‘supposed’ to play football. Will she make the team and be able to keep it platonic with her sexy childhood crush, Zack, who just so happens to be the wide receiver?


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