New Standalone Genre: LGBTQ+

Hello Episodians!

We’re excited to announce that our LGBTQ+ genre has reached our threshold to move from being a sub-genre to being a standalone genre!

Starting at the end of this week, on the app, you’ll be able to find lots of great LGBTQ+ Episodes in the side menu as its own genre, along with our other genres. This will not have any impact on stories that are currently in the genre or their ranks within it.

If you have questions, concerns, or comments about this genre move, please contact our support team!

— The Episode Team


Cool, I think?


Awesome :heart_eyes:

Amazing <3

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Don’t make it a seperate genre. Normalise it. Like I consider LGBTQIA+ romance as normal romance only


Thanks for letting us know about it, you can also check out SMM Package for more details.