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I have been WAITING so long for a type of story like this to come out! :joy:

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I love this fantastical story!

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Omg this cover shows it all!! I’m so looking forward to reading this!

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Thank you so much :blush: :slightly_smiling_face: :cherry_blossom:

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Thank you :blush:

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Here is my story if you would like to read it! :smile:


Author: Me (a.k.a. Tissy)

IG name: epi_tissy

Genre: Drama, action and romance (and kind of an dystopia)

Chapters: currently 1 (The story is ongoing and I am now writing chapter 2)

Style: INK

Description: Valencia is just a normal young woman with a normal life. It is not until she meets him she starting to notice she has been living in a dangerous lie - an illusion. Nothing is what it’s seems anymore. Who to trust and what is real and what is not?

Other information:

  • This story may have contents that can be very upsetting for some readers. So, please, keep this in mind and don’t read this story if you are easily triggered!

  • English is not my first language so there may be some grammar here and there.

  • I make some of the overlays myself, otherwise I’ll credit the owner of the work, but because of that, it will take a while to update. I am also a perfectionist when it comes to directing and such things. I simply want everything to be perfect or at least good enough. What I am trying to say is that it will take a while to update, but not long enough!

  • The story uses music and sound and plenty of zooms!

ALSO make sure to follow me on insta (@epi_tissy) in order to see sneak peaks and more!

The link to my story:

If you choose to read this story, please, tell me what you think about it and what could be better ect. Thank you so much for taking your time reading this! And thank you so much if choose to you check my story out. <33

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Title: Lost In Time
Author : F.Mona
Description : After Faith’s father dies, she starts missing some critical pieces and people in her life. She faces some new obstacles in her life. Will Faith accept her real mission?
Genre : fantasy
Style : Limelight
Chapters : 6 and ongoing (7 coming out later today)
Instagram : @episode_f.mona_


Yes!! It looks like it’s going to have lots of drama! :joy:

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I’ve seen this and added it to my favorites already! Looking forward to reading it!

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Oh, you have no idea! Spoiler alert: It is! :rofl:

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I hope you enjoy it!

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I only made this story because of my dream :hugs: So I made a story out of it. I hope you will read this :sparkling_heart:

Author: Nice25. Episode
Genre: Drama, Romance, Music :sparkling_heart::notes::musical_score:
Number of episodes: 3 - Ongoing
Summary: I promised myself that if the time will come for me to let go, I’d do so but I couldn’t let you go because I know that at the end of the day I’ll see myself coming back to you. :notes::sparkling_heart:


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Title: Detective Wars
Author/IG: Episodetiger @episodetiger
Genre: Action
Style: INK
Choices: Matter, 2 different endings.
Episodes: 3
((New batch (2-3) episodes coming soon.))

Being the best detectives in town, Emily and Jasmine are on fire! But, when 2 other detectives try to steal their crown, it’s WAR! Will Em & Jaz beat them? Or has fate other plans?..
Reads: 8, just published :heartbeat:



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Aww this looks absolutely amazing! :heart_eyes::heart:

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I absolutely LOVE detective stories! Definitely going to put this in my list!

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Thank you :hugs:

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I recently published my new story Chasing Stars, it would mean a lot to me if some of you would check it out!

Here is the link:

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Looks absolutely beautiful! :heart_eyes:

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Here’s my story:
Title: Squad:Roadtrip
Genre: Horror
Style: Limelight
IG username: may.i.writeepisode

This was supposed to be a short road trip into the woods with your old high school squad, but the place wants you to stay and uncover ALL it’s gory secrets.

Some features:

  • LGBTQ+
  • 6 LI’s
  • point system
  • Very important choices!
  • CC


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If you’re still reading stories.
Here’s my story!
Title: Unscripted (INK)
Author: Stephanie Ann
Genre: Drama/Romance
Chapters: 4 (5 is coming soon!)
Description: Isabella Torres is a long time actress who’s career has gone to ruin due to her obnoxious behavior. Will she be able to build her career back up with the help of her new manager?
Instagram is @stephann.episode
Thank you so much!

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